To follow what Marc started:  You can blame my undying constant stream of ideas and restlessness for revival of this blog.

Starting Team Curious with Marc for was one of the best experiences of my life.  I fulfilled so many passions and found an outlet for public service, technology, people, travel, adventures, exploration and changing the world!  I found a land of nerdom, technology and public service.  We will soon update the About page with our history and experience with Imagine Cup and the formation of Team Curious.  We embarked on an amazing journey as two American college students who randomly met in a computer lab in France and wanted to change the world with technology.

Enough of Team Curious.  I am now a Road Warriorette traveling for Big Blue (IBM), learning about business and how to use technology to improve business through informative analytics.  A big jump from my hippie, couch surfing, backpacking college student days! 🙂  The goal is to learn as much as I can here and eventually apply it all back to my passion – technology for good and technology to solve humanity’s greatest problems throughout the world.  I have so many thoughts and opinions on all the news surrounding tech for good.  However, Marc made a good point of posting often and succinctly as opposed to long, verbose regurgitation.  For now, I will talk about IBM’s 100th Birthday on June 16th!  To celebrate, Big Blue had a worldwide Centennial Day of Service.  There were over 300,000 volunteers worldwide (we’re over 420,000 strong!), 120 countries impact, 5,000 service projects and 2.5 million hours of service. I was so proud!  I spent time at the Orlando Homeless Coalition down in Florida with other local Orlando IBMers. Many other great service initiatives from IBM and the Smarter Planet campaign but I’ll save that for another post.

I will end this post with a picture that sums up what started it all for us:  The Imagine Cup Finals in Cairo, Egypt in 2009! <3


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  1. marc says:

    Woah, the mashup on is really awesome. The interactive map is actually fun to play with.

  2. marc says:

    Another link that reminded me of this post:

    “The Human Side of Analytics” a podcast recently mentioned on GT’s site. Includes disaster relief applications and talk about a CARE collaboration.

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