Between work with IBM (me) and saving people’s lives through cook stoves (Marc), we have been a bit busy.  Last weekend, I had the joy of working with Give Camp Orlando.  We were a group of about 30 developers and designers gathered to give technology expertise to local non-profits.  The even greater thing about it is that we were one of sixteen Give Camps around the world doing this for our local charities.   Our group helped organizations like Giveaboard Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, Down Syndrome Foundation and many more developed more efficient databases and websites to better run their organizations.  It was incredible to work with so many smart, passionate people who wanted to share their technology talents with those in need.  Jay, the organizer of Give Camp Orlando, made a great point.  He said that we have friends who are doctors who can provide services through groups like doctors without borders.  As technologists and nerds, we can provide our tech and design skills to help organizations do what they do even better.  I was incredibly excited to find a Give Camp in Orlando and can’t wait to continue this tradition!

On a side note, Give Camp was originally started by someone from Microsoft!  Considering my background with Microsoft and Imagine Cup, it is great to see how a large technology organization utilizes its talents to give back to the community.  Cheers to Coding for Charity!


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